Command line utility converts TrueType and OpenType fonts to the WOFF format. It also reads TTC collections and WOFF2, as well as WOFF for recompression. Outputs WOFF and TTF.

ttf2woff [-v] [-O|-S] [-t type] [-X table]... input [output]
ttf2woff -i [-v] [-O|-S] [-X table]... [-m file] [-p file] file
ttf2woff [-l] input
  -i      in place modification
  -O      optimize (default unless signed)
  -S      don't optimize
  -t fmt  output format: woff, ttf
  -u num  font number in collection (TTC), 0-based
  -m xml  metadata
  -p priv private data
  -X tag  remove table
  -l      list tables
  -v      be verbose
Use `-' to indicate standard input/output.
Skip output for dry run.

By default, ttf2woff tries to find more compact representation of some font tables (with marginal gain, usually).


Source: ttf2woff-1.3.tar.gz ()
Windows executable: ttf2woff.exe (command line, 245KiB)

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